About Heartland Homes and Richard Bergman
About Heartland Homes and Richard Bergman


I have been building homes for 20+ years. I was a design instructor at the University of Buffalo for 7 years and also built custom cabinets for the top furniture design stores. Along the way I began buying Buffalo city “fixer upper” homes and started a renovations business.

By the early 1980’s I moved to Malibu, California and became a real estate broker with land deals in both California and Hong Kong. That experience led to an entrance into the custom home building market of Southern California.

Returning to Buffalo for a Bennett High School class reunion in the late 1980’s, I had the good fortune to meet my wife Dorothy. We moved back to Buffalo after getting married and after several years Heartland Homes was born out of the idea to build high-quality, custom homes for people seeking to make their "Dream Houses" a reality.

Core Values

  • We Realize the Value of Home Comforts
  • We Focus on Green Building Principles
  • We Provide Energy Star Rated Products
  • We Lead by Example with Design
  • We Deliver On Time and Within Your Budget
  • We Strive for Quality & Excellence
  • Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority
  • We Provide Support Before & After Construction