Skidmore Dorm Storage

Skidmore Dorm Storage
Skidmore Dorm Storage

Student in Transit (SIT) is an exclusive valet storage service we offer to college students and professionals to suit their needs around interm semester and summer storage.

Started by two Skidmore College students in the 1970s, around the extended semester abroad.

Dorm Room Movers for Skidmore College.

Student in Transit is an efficient way to store your belongings:

  • We offer a self service solution for the designated needed time, all for one low price.
  • And all around the students schedule.
  • This service is a specialty for any student needing small short term storage.
  • The students managers and controls their own inventory, rules apply.

Schools We Service: Skidmore College, Sienna College, Union College, Russell Sage College, College Of Albany, and RPI.

Call now for more information: (518) 584-3367

Skidmore Dorm Storage

* Items stored are the sole care and custody of the students or their agent. Terms and conditions apply to every client. There is no re-entry after the PODS are loaded. Loading and unloading are not part of the storage charge. Extra charges are accrued every time there is loading or unloading services ordered. Please clarify your account status when scheduling. All extra charges must be paid in advance of any service.